Monday, February 22, 2010

The kids dancing Feb 2010

Anytime I have my Ipod playing the kids will clean all the toys off the floor and dance......especially if it is country music. Not sure if you can hear it, but the song is Country Man by Luke Bryan! One of Luke's favorite!!!!!!

Mom and Dad's ski weekend

On Feb 7th Steve and I headed to Sugar Mountain with Scott, Natalie, and Gabby for a ski weekend! I went skiing alot as a child so I was kind of familiar with how the weekend would go. Steve on the other hand has never been skiing before. It was a memorable weekend for sure!
The closer we got to the slope the more snow there was on the ground. I was able to snap some beautiful photos as Steve was driving.
Here is the slope!!!!

Steve taking a break on the slope. He did very good for his first time. He had some trouble getting off the lift the first time, he managed to take me out a few times, but other than that he did very well.

This is me trying to get Steve to hurry up so we can go on to the next slope.

We took a break for lunch and to warm up in the lodge. Steve looks so serious here.

Me on the lift.

Steve on the lift.

We were waiting in line for the ski lift we we grabbed a shot of the slope opposite to us.

As we were riding the lift up the mountain Scott and Gabby went right under us.

Poor Natalie fell while skiing down and had to brought down by ski patrol. She spent the entire last day laying on a cot in the ski patrol office. We had just gotten to the slope when she was hurt and since she was not in alot of pain........yet, she told us to go ski awhile since she could stay as long as she needed. This was taken when we went back to pick her up. This is the only photo of her on the trip. :(

We had lots of fun and it was definitely a trip Steve and I will never forget!

2nd snow of 2010!

Valentine's weekend was a snowy one!!! We got about 3 inches of snow and the kids were so excited!!!!!!!!!!!
The next three photos are of the kids standing by the beautiful covered tree in the yard.

Daddy and Alex finishing their snow fight from a few weeks ago.

Luke was dying to ride his gator. We got it out, but the snow was sticking to the wheels. He was not very happy.

The next morning their was still lots of snow on the ground. In true redneck fashion, we tied some things to the four wheeler and golf cart and headed out to enjoy the snow. Hey, what is wrong with a mobile sled?!
Kade and Mason being pulled by the four wheeler.

I am riding with Luke and Alex behind the golf cart. This photo was taken just before we were thrown off and landed face first in the snow

Happy Sledding everyone!!

Nap time!

We'll what can you say about the title. Sometimes it is Mom's favorite part of the day. Kids are so sweet and innocent while sleeping.
Luke sleeping with Bear....yes that is his name!

Valerie in her bed.

And the princess with her sunglasses on.

Boy are we in trouble!

Paging Dr. Schimweg

Alex received a Tinkerbell animal kit for Christmas and it was a hit. Everyone has had the chance to play doctor and patient. Luke and Alex both love playing doctor. On this particular day, Luke was playing with the doctor kit and Valerie was sitting next to him. He started talking to her like she was his patient and he then helps her lay down. The next few photos are what happened next.......
He said that she was very sick and needed a shot RIGHT NOW MOM!!

Here he is checking her ears. He said "All clear".

Next, he listened to see if there was food in her tummy.....I am not sure.

Here he is giving her more meds by mouth. Notice how tight Valerie is holding her lips together.

And just for being a good doctor he decided to give her one more shot.

Valerie likes being the patient. For the rest of the day when anyone had it out she would lay down. They are so cute playing together.

Happy 8th Birthday Kade!

Man are we getting old!!!!! Who would have thought Kade would have turned 8 this quickly. Time really does fly by.
Here is the birthday cake.....which was delicious btw. He wanted chocolate and that is what he got. We had the party this year at Stars and Strikes bowling alley with just a few friends and close family. It was lots of fun!

Here is the birthday boy blowing out the candles.

All of the kids at the party.

Nick, Croix, and Ethan.

The birthday boy is up!

Alex giving Ellie pointers on bowling!

Alex throwing the ball down the lane.

Luke taking his turn.

As the birthday boy you get to spin this huge wheel to earn gifts for all of your guests. Kade got bouncy balls. Not the one he wanted, but it will do.

Here is the photo of him opening one gift......there was so many I spared you the 20 photos. Notice all the kids faces when they see it is a video game!

Happy Birthday Kade
We love you!

First Snow of 2010

The first snow of 2010 arrived January 14th. The kids were so excited. School was released early and cancelled on Friday. Once Daddy arrived home from work there was enough snow to final play in. Luke was so excited. I swear this kid is going to be a weatherman.

Alex was excited, but I think just because Kade and Luke were. This was the first snow that she was able to play in.

Kade trying to play it cool before he beamed me with a snow ball!

Kade and Alex making snowballs. Daddy was the target.

Here is Alex trying to hit Daddy with her snow ball, but she was to far away from him to make it.

It would not be any fun to play in the snow without riding toys! Alex insisted on riding her scooter in the snow!

Luke then decided to join in. He only wanted to ride in the fresh snow. It was not long before all the snow on the driveway was covered in tracks.

Kade got out his skateboard and it was every man for himself. Luckily there were not any accidents!
Mom and the snow kids!

Daddy and the snow kids!

Hope you were able to enjoy the snow!